How We’re Working From Home

Written by Jessica Trieu

Nextdoor is all about connection and community. We invest in our community, we value interaction in the real world (not just online), and we’re all about the power of proximity. That’s what we want for neighbors around the world, so of course it starts here in our own neighborhood. 

As the effects of COVID-19 have spread, many things have changed. We went from a bustling, energy-filled office full of people and in-person meetings to having to work from our homes (even some closets) with kids and in the background.

Although many of us started out working from home by rolling out of bed in our sweatpants, we all quickly dived into problem-solving mode and have developed some great processes and habits! 

We interviewed our People Team on their best tips and tricks for making working from home a little less daunting and we wanted to share the results with you!  

Separating work from personal

As you start working from home, the line between work and personal begins to fade and it’s easy for hours to become long . We asked our team: 

What actions have you taken to avoid being ‘always on’ during off hours?

“Since I typically work in the living room, I make sure when I go to my room at night I leave my laptop downstairs!” (Allie, Recruiting Coordinator)

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Allie leaving her laptop downstairs and calling it a night! 

“Usually, I just shut my laptop down after 6:30 or so each night just to be sure. If something pressing comes up, I can always start it back up. This helps me separate my day and do things like go outside or work on my hobbies.” (Frank, Technical Recruiter)

How do you transition from “work time” to “personal time” and vice versa (replacing your commute)?

“Instead of my normal MUNI commute, I’ll take my dog on a walk or go to the park so she can play with her friends. It really helps to get some fresh air!” (Stacy, Technical Recruiter)

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Stacy taking her pup, Lucy, on a stroll.

“In the office I would always commute with two coworkers – since we don’t have that time together right now we have Google Hangout calls at 5:30pm every other week, feels like we’re back on the 38R!” (Kelley, People Team Specialist)

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Staying Connected

As we transition to working 100% remotely and sheltering in place, it’s easy to feel a bit isolated and lonely at times. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected to your friends, your loved ones, and your co-workers that you’re used to seeing everyday! 

We asked our teammates: 

What adjustments did your team make to support collaboration/connection?

We’ve had more happy hours and silly hang out sessions as a team, incorporating wigs and costumes, and even playing trivia in our meetings with real company data. These are usually at the end of the day, which helps us end the day on a positive note. (Leah, Recruiting Lead)

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Bi-weekly wine and wigs happy hour

“Similar to the resource page we built for new hires, we’ve created an easy to read site that houses everything you might need in our new setting. It includes the most recent daily and weekly updates, COVID19 information, WFH resources for managers and employees, key contacts and more.” (Kelly and Bryan, The People Team)

How are you staying connected to your team?

“I usually ping my teammates via slack just to see how they’re doing. As a group, we do happy hours every week just to catch up and talk about anything going on in our daily lives. Personally, I usually join in hopes of seeing someone’s dog, cat, or child running around like crazy. It’s really entertaining.” (Frank, Technical Recruiter)

“During one of our People Team meetings, we did our own version of MTV Cribs where everyone showed off their work from home setups! It was a fun icebreaker that gave us a small glimpse into the homes of our team members!” (Nicole, Recruiting Coordinator)

What are some fun things the company has done while WFH?

“Our Head of Data and Information Systems, Craig Lisowski, held “Story Time with Craig” in an effort to give parents a break by entertaining their kiddos for 30 minutes.” (Shandi, Recruiting Lead) 

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Craig Lisowski, the Head of Information Systems & Trust, leading Storytime with Craig for all of our little neighbors at home!

“My dog Wrigley and I hosted a Virtual Pet Happy Hour. He wore his bow tie collar and I brought the wine!” (Stacey, Head of Talent Management & Development) 

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“Instead of March Madness, Nextdoor organized Binge Madness where our favorite television shows battle head to head to see which will come out on top! It’s been a ton of fun arguing with your teammates on which show is the most binge-worthy!” (Jessica, Campus Recruiter)

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Nextdoor’s Binge Madness Bracket!


Shifting from your normal routine to a new WFH lifestyle, there are bound to be challenges. We wanted our team’s advice on how they stay productive and active while complying with shelter-in-place mandates. 

What are some apps that help you stay productive?

“Google calendar integration with Slack! It helps me stay on track and be on time to meetings!” (Shandi, Recruiting Lead) 

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“Spotify and KEXP.” (Leah, Recruiting Lead)

How have you been staying active while working from home?

“I have been going on hikes near my house and trying to hit 10,000 steps a day!” (Kelley, People Team Specialist)

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“My Apple Watch is constantly guilting me into doing better. I’m always aiming to close the daily activity rings: move (280 calories), exercise (30 minutes), and stand up (walk around for 1 minute each hour for 12 hours).” (Kelly, People Operations Manager)

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People Ops Manager, Kelly O’Rourke, getting outside and moving! 

“We’ve been doing a full backyard remodel, lots of dirt shoveling and pulling weeds.” (Ashley, Technical Recruiter)

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Ashley in the midst of her backyard remodel with her buddy, Tuck!

It’s a complicated time as we try to navigate current events and figure out our “new normal,” but we hope that some of these tips and tricks shared by our People Team help you figure out what works best for you.

What are some things you and your team are doing to stay connected and productive? Let us know in the comments below! 

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