Cultivating Kindness through Referrals

The Nextdoor Neighborhood
Written by Nicole Atkins

Our purpose is to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on. This serves as a beacon of light to guide the way we think, act, as well as guide who we aspire to be. At the heart of our purpose lies the people that make it possible each and every day: our employees. 

Our employees and their dedication to Nextdoor’s purpose are the driving forces behind our growth. We have utilized our employee referral program that rewards employees with unique outdoor activities and at home experiences.

With the onset of COVID-19, employees were not able to easily redeem their rewards for experiential activities because so many in-person activities were prohibited. We then noticed a drastic shift: instead of redeeming their reward for activities like in-home fitness classes, a number of Nextdoor employees instead chose to donate to local nonprofit organizations. 

We are extremely proud of our employees and their desire to have impact not only at the company, but also in their communities. Check out how some of our employees have contributed to charities and organizations this past quarter.

Join us in celebrating these contributions to local and national organizations. We are inspired by the actions of our fellow neighbors in times of such confusion and uncertainty, and we are grateful to see the ways people have given back to the community. 

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