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Employee Spotlight: Hai Guan

Written by #TeamNextdoor

Meet Hai who works on our Data Science team as a Data Science Lead. Read below to learn more about his time at Nextdoor!

Why did you join Nextdoor?

Nextdoor’s mission of bringing communities and neighborhoods together really resonated with me. Also the stage of the company and team present a big opportunity to leave a long lasting imprint on the organization.

What’s been one of your favorite projects to work on?

One of the most interesting projects I worked on in the past couple months has been on implementing best practices and helping shape experimentation processes at Nextdoor, and we’re just getting started! At the company’s current scale, there’s a lot of opportunity to shape the inner workings of the organization and contribute meaningfully to areas that have tremendous impact.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? (Pre-COVID & During COVID)?

Outside of work, I do real estate investing and I enjoy traveling to different places. I am looking to build unique tiny houses in really cool locations in the coming future.

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