Parenthood: The Work/Life/School Balance Phenomenon

Written by Nicole Atkins

Parenthood, our Employee Resource Group (ERG) for parents, has been a beacon of light (and a sense of comedic relief) for employees as they navigate and perfect the balancing act of being a parent and working full-time. We have a great deal of empathy for all the amazing Nextdoor parents who dedicate the love and time to their families as they work from home. 

Our employees rely on the Parenthood group channel for support and utilize benefits like the Urbansitter membership, 12 weeks of parental leave, and new parent concierge support through Cleo. Plus, our parents at Nextdoor have a wealth of experience to share with other parents or soon-to-be parents.

We chatted with several employees in the Parenthood ERG to get an inside look at how they manage this work/life/school balance.

How have you felt supported by Nextdoor’s #Parenthood ERG?

“I primarily use the Slack channel to hear what other parents are saying or ask them for advice.” – Krish Sailam, Marketing Lead

“The Parenthood employee resource group is a great place to share laughs, get questions answered and get connected to the community!” – Timea Bara, Head of Sales Enablement

What are a few ways you have utilized Nextdoor’s resources for parents? 

“My most recent experience is with our Urbansitter benefits. My younger one’s preschool was closed for a week because of teacher training, and I was able to get her part-time care in a matter of two days! Really helpful benefit. I also really enjoy the conversations we have in our Parenthood ERG Slack channel, where employees share their questions, thoughts, wisdom and insecurities. Great way to learn from each other! – Timea Bara, Head of Sales Enablement

Share a memorable moment with your child/children/family while working from home. 

“Conducting an important client call and half way through my 5th grader (at the time) started his orchestra class on his (screechy) viola.” – Gabrielle Powell, Client Partner

“At the beginning of COVID with preschool closed, my husband and I took turns taking care of our son, Ezra,  by splitting up the mornings and afternoons. I remember one morning they went to the beach and came back around lunch time when I was closing a candidate and Ezra came screaming into the bedroom full of sand and just so happy to be alive and dirty. It was the opposite of what I was feeling, which was anxious, socially stagnate, and not in love with the world. It’s made me realize how much of a blessing it is to see the world through his eyes.” – Leah Tyler, People Business Partner

What advice would you give to parents navigating your child or children’s school during the midst of a pandemic and balancing working from home? 

“I communicate my schedule and set expectations for when I can give my attention to my child. Then, when I do, put the phone down and give 100% attention. Easier said than done!” – Evan Aydelott, Client Partner

“Aim to book meetings whilst your children are at school or daycare as it can be difficult to have them when kids are home. Last minute snafus are bound to happen so have a back up plan or activities in place so you can conduct a meeting with limited interruptions. Boomerang works great at sending emails when you want them to go out.” – Aisling McDonagh, Client Partner

“Block time on your calendar for those first few mornings and for when your kids get home and be fully present for them. Don’t try to juggle a call and getting them out the door or a meeting and being there for them when they get home in these first days of school.” – Gabrielle Powell, Client Partner

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