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Employee Spotlight: Meet Juliana

Written by #TeamNextdoor

Meet Juliana, our Head of Global Ad Sales. Read below to learn more about her time at Nextdoor!

Why did you join Nextdoor?

As a sales leader, I am committed to representing and growing products and platforms transforming consumers’ lives, for the better. Nextdoor’s purpose and mission allow me to cultivate and nurture my values and commitment to kindness. I’ve focused my career on organizations and companies manifesting doing good and doing well. I’m proud to be building, deepening, and expanding relationships with Nextdoor’s advertisers, helping marketers grow revenue, build relationships with neighbors, and achieve their business goals — all while I get to check my passion box that I am part of a movement, improving lives in profound and meaningful ways.

What’s been one of your favorite projects to work on?

Our Client Advisory Board (CAB). Our CEO, Sarah Friar launched our CAB a few years ago and I was recently named directly responsible individual (DRI) (with our CRO, Heidi Andersen as Exec Sponsor). We meet with our CAB members twice a year to deep dive on a number of advertising and marketing related topics. We cherish our CAB members as they volunteer their time to help Nextdoor realize its purpose, product vision, and financial goals. The CAB is a safe, trusted space for a diverse group of CMOs and Ad agency leaders to convene on a consistent basis, where we will ask CAB members to: Give guidance on proposed product roadmap and marketing initiatives, participate in workshops anchored in unique Nextdoor neighbor insights or industry trends, and join a “learning lab,” participating in thought leadership exchanges with other CAB members.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? (Pre-COVID & During COVID)?

Living in NYC means I get to enjoy art, theater, music, delicious restaurants, long walks up/down/across town, and all the Big Apple has to offer. Leaving NYC is equally important — making sure I get my nature fixes and feeding my wanderlust. Exercise is my fuel and I mix it up with Peleton, yoga, and strength classes. Never a dull moment!

Most memorable moment at Nextdoor?

Our Volunteer Day Off (VTO) day, by far. I’m proud to work for a company that chose to give back to its neighborhoods and communities on its very listing/IPO day. The energy and excitement we were all feeling was channeled to those in need, by doing good, and in turn, we will do well. The virtuous cycle we are manifesting is why we come to work every day, pushing through the tough moments as a start-up, and remaining laser focused on our jobs to be done.

Best career advice?

Always be curious, seeking to understand, while remaining open to different outcomes when solving a business problem. It’s common to make assumptions to navigate and control outcomes at work. But assumptions lack proof points and additional information. By remaining open and seeking to understand, we inevitably find better solutions, in partnership with others.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

France! I studied in France in high school and college. I went on to work in Paris after college and then again, later in my career. My French friendships and chosen family are 30+ years and counting of memories and adventures. Then there’s my S.O., who is Nantais (from Nantes, in northwestern France); living a bilingual life is/was my dream!

Favorite way to give back to your local community?

I love hands-on volunteering, similar to our VTO day with New York Cares. A few years ago, I joined Planned Parenthood Global on a trip to Senegal to better understand and advocate for the organization’s global efforts to provide healthcare services and education to women. I recently joined the board of the Community Resource Initiative (CRI), a social justice non-profit based in SF. CRI is a nonprofit, capital defense investigation office and resource center, working with legal defense teams to bring the story of their clients’ lives into the courtroom. The team at CRI develops and runs high-impact programs to strengthen families and communities as well.

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