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What it’s like to be a new grad engineer at Nextdoor

Written by Nicole Atkins

The transition between being a full-time student to becoming a full-time employee isn’t always easy, but at Nextdoor we aim to provide new grad engineers with a smooth transition as they get acclimated to the company. Our engineering team has grown substantially over the past two years and we are proud of the development of our team, especially those just starting out their careers. 

Starting your career with Nextdoor presents a very unique opportunity. You’ll have the chance to work with a close-knit team, work with a dedicated mentor,  and get exposure to all areas of the Nextdoor business. From improving code quality to working on innovative end-to-end features, our new grad engineers are encouraged to develop their skills while embodying our core values: “Think Big” and “Act Like An Owner.”

As soon as new grads join, they are paired with a mentor and matched with a supportive team to promote their professional and personal development. They ramp up and go through a detailed onboarding program during the first two weeks, which is accompanied with frequent check-ins, paired programming sessions, team stand up meetings, and social  hangouts. In the past, we’ve seen our new grad engineers dive in and push code to production during their very first week at Nextdoor, and we’re excited for many more new grads to join in the future.  

Here are some of our new grads sharing their experiences at Nextdoor and what they are most proud of. Meet Sharon Chen, Sergio Dejo, Iris Chow, Carlos Arteaga, Reina de la Cruz, and Sher Sanginov below.

Why did you choose Nextdoor?

“I chose Nextdoor because it focuses on connecting people within their communities. This really resonated with me because  I was raised in a culture that highly values community.  With Nextdoor’s purpose in cultivating a kinder world, I know that each contribution I make will have a positive impact.” Reina De La Cruz, Software Engineer – Search

“I chose to work at Nextdoor because their core values aligned closely with mine. I wanted to pick a place where my work can help make the world a better place. This is a place where I can contribute unique ideas to help create a kinder world!” Carlos Arteaga, Software Engineer – Blocks/Product Infrastructure

“After interning at Nextdoor it was very clear that they checked all the boxes. I experienced an amazing learning environment with an incredibly supportive community of engineers behind it as well as opportunities to work on real, exciting problems.” Iris Chow, Software Engineer – Feed Infrastructure

How did you prepare for your interviews? 

“I did the usual Leetcode grind and practiced with friends, but I also reviewed the mobile app to have more context on the product during the interview” Sergio Dejo, Software Engineer – Feed Infrastructure

“New Grad interviews generally focus a lot on data structures and algorithms. I used to solve around 10-20 questions per topic (array, string manipulation, trees). I’d then remember the patterns I used to solve a certain problem and try to apply the same pattern to new problems I encounter. This technique worked for me to pass interviews at Nextdoor.” Sher Sanginov, Software Engineer – Moderation

What project are you proud to have worked on? 

“I’m proud to have built Neighbors You May Know (NYMK) and Guests You May Know (GYMK), to help build and grow Nextdoor through connections. With NYMK and GYMK, neighbors can easily see who they know are also on Nextdoor, such as their nextdoor neighbors, and if they aren’t, they can easily invite them to join their Nextdoor community. These projects have been featured here.” Sharon Chen, Software Engineer – Network Growth

“One of the impactful projects I recently worked on is the author transparency feature. This feature is built as part of Nextdoor’s moderation system and gives neighbors who have had their content removed by moderation, transparency around why their content was removed and allows them to take further action to appeal the decision.” Sher Sanginov, Software Engineer – Moderation

“My first project as a new grad was to design and build a new GQL endpoint monitoring tool. The project involved creating an easy and convenient path for engineers to set up monitors for endpoints through Python monitor classes and syncing these monitors with our remote monitoring service. I am proud of this project because I was able to own the creation of this internal tool from start to finish.” Iris Chow, Software Engineer – Feed Infrastructure

“I am working on some new visual delights that will be out soon! I am excited for neighbors to experience them in our mobile app!” Carlos Arteaga, Software Engineer – Blocks/Product Infrastructure

Favorite memory with your team.

“Recently,  my team got dinner together after work. It was the first time many of us had been together in person and it was a really fun experience where I got to know them all a lot better.” Iris Chow, Software Engineer – Feed Infrastructure

“We have been working from home for the past 2 years and had not seen each other in person for a while. But last year, we went on a whitewater rafting trip with my teammates in the South Fork American River and that was one of my favorite memories with my team.” Sher Sanginov, Software Engineer – Moderation

“Our team dinner and drinks afterward!” Sergio Dejo, Software Engineer – Feed Infrastructure

What do you love most about our engineering culture? 

“The engineering team culture is very welcoming and collaborative. You really get to feel that you are a part of the team and get to make an impact even as a new grad. You also get to learn from the best engineers who are always willing to help.”  Reina De La Cruz, Software Engineer – Search

“It is an understatement to say everyone I have met is kind. I can reach out to new people whether I’m in the office or virtually. There are so many talented and brilliant people who provide great insight on engineering best practices.” Carlos Arteaga, Software Engineer – Blocks/ Infrastructure

One piece of advice for fellow new grads.

“Do not forget to brush up on your data structures and algorithms by solving 1-2 problems per day.” Sher Sanginov, Software Engineer – Moderation

“My advice is don’t be afraid to make mistakes and don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help! You are surrounded by brilliant, inclusive, and kind people who want you to succeed. Think of your coworkers as neighbors.” Carlos Arteaga, Software Engineer – Blocks/ Infrastructure

Our new grads are working on some incredible things here at Nextdoor and we are excited for what’s to come. As we continue to navigate the hybrid work world, we look forward to seeing their continued impact on the platform as well as in our internal community. 

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