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Employee Spotlight: Meet Desiree

Written by #TeamNextdoor

Meet Desiree, a UX Content Strategist on the team. Read below to learn more about her time at Nextdoor!

Why did you join Nextdoor?

I was part of Hoodline, a company that helps readers discover the happenings in their community which was acquired by Nextdoor in 2019. Solving for local discovery and helping communities has been the passion point of my career, so this was a natural fit.

What’s been one of your favorite projects to work on?

I love working on the Treat Map about as much as I love candy (chocolate please, no candy corn!). With this project I get the chance to write delightful, fun UX copy that allows people to get info online so they can play and participate offline. It is such a wonderful annual project.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? (Pre-COVID & During COVID)?

I do everything possible with my dog, Violet. So, if you see me, you’ll likely see her too. You can find us on long walks, reading at a cafe, crafting stuff I found on For Sale and Free (ask me about my bird lamp!), or enjoying yoga and dance classes.

Most memorable moment at Nextdoor?

My most memorable memories come when hosting our weekly company-wide meeting, All Hands. I think I’ve done it 3 or 4 times now? Whether it’s performing hosting duties with eight costume changes or giving costumed informational segments about the continued need to work on equal pay for women (especially women of color), I like to make segments as fun as possible so people are energized and happy taking part. 

Best career advice?

Practical advice: Learn how to do forced pairings exercises for hard decision making. Aspirational advice: Don’t use anyone else’s measuring stick for what success looks like; up and to the right is not the only path to happiness, fulfillment, or true success.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Any place with my dog, a pool or beach, good wine, and great company. So basically Sonoma or Spain.

Favorite way to give back to your local community?

I’m a volunteer video editor for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. You can catch my News & Newbies weekly videos on their socials. Adopt, don’t shop, please.

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