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Employee Spotlight: Meet Parth

Written by #TeamNextdoor

Meet Parth Pandya, a Marketing Technology & Operations Manager. Read more to learn about his time at Nextdoor.

Why did you join Nextdoor?

The mission and the people. It’s one thing to join a company with a mission to foster stronger and more connected communities, but it’s another to do it alongside remarkably talented people who share the same ethos. My fondest neighborhood memories, like learning to make fresh pasta from Italian neighbors or celebrating a neighbor’s 93rd birthday, remind me of the incredible richness that comes from community connections. That’s what makes Nextdoor so awesome; we want to bring this sense of togetherness to everyone.

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on?

I have a tie here. One is when I constructed one of the initial data pipelines within our MarTech stack. This empowered our U.S. and International Lifecycle Marketing teams, as well as our Public Agency team, to craft highly personalized and relevant dynamic content for neighbors and SMBs. The second was when I worked on connecting our marketing platforms back to our data lake, which has had a significant impact on our Marketing Science team’s ability to shape our Growth Marketing strategies. Both were tremendous learning experiences and I am super proud of the work I did.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

To watch me dance is to hear my heart speak. There’s nothing that brings me as much joy as turning up the volume and dancing my heart out. I also love biking, especially down to the beach, doing puzzles (math or jigsaw), learning tough guitar solos, practicing yoga, reading, and learning about the mind-body connection.

Most memorable moment at Nextdoor?

During Nextdoor’s annual Nextdoor in the Neighborhood Day, I had the chance to volunteer at Code Tenderloin, a non-profit focused on providing workforce development opportunities to underserved communities in San Francisco. It was an incredible and empowering experience to speak with the students and answer their questions candidly and honestly.

Best career advice?

Approach both projects and new situations with an open mindset, viewing challenges and change as chances to learn and develop. That and a quote I learned from one of my colleagues at Nextdoor: “real imposters don’t have imposter syndrome.”

Where is your favorite place in the world?

San Diego!

What is your favorite way to give back to your local community?

I often take morning walks along the beach near my house, and I make it a habit to bring a bag with me to pick up any litter I come across. Sadly, there is sometimes trash left behind, but I feel a strong connection to my local beach and want to contribute to its cleanliness. It’s heartening when I see others doing the same.

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