Are you in the loop?

Written by Stacey La Torre

Feedback is the fuel for employee growth and performance, and therefore a strong feedback culture, based in kindness, is critical to activating talent. 

In an ever-changing and uncertain world, employees are reporting higher levels of anxiety than ever before. Beyond the personal stress and discomfort associated with anxious feelings, today’s workers are dealing with overwhelming societal and political world events, often halting their engagement, productivity and satisfaction at work and ultimately limiting their ability to succeed in critical areas of work and life.

Employers across industries are seeing employees at all job levels struggle, and are being called to provide not only support for their teams but also to deliver a consistently strong sense of stability, community and connection within their work culture. Unlike other generations entering the workforce, employees today are setting high expectations for kindness at work and actively seeking employers who provide authentic leadership and human connection. The shift from talent acquisition to talent activation highlights the value of kindness at work and the need for a strong feedback culture to activate talent.

My goal at Nextdoor is creating a culture of kindness and collaboration within our company. By implementing initiatives that focus on continuous, real-time feedback and, kind & candid communication, we are fostering a supportive environment where employees can grow and thrive. Through initiatives such as Feedback Loops, inspired by the belief that “Clear is Kind. Unclear is Unkind,” we are empowering our team to build strong relationships and support each other in their professional journeys.

I am proud to see the positive impact of these efforts, with an increase in employee satisfaction and improvements in peer-to-peer feedback processes. At Nextdoor, we believe in the power of kindness to create a more connected and compassionate workplace where everyone can reach their full potential. Together, we are building a kind and candid feedback culture that sets the standard for workplace excellence and supports the growth and success of our talented teams.

Learn more about feedback loops here and be sure to check out the toolkit available here

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