Meet Nextdoor’s Employee Resource Groups

Written by Nicole Atkins

At Nextdoor, our purpose is to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood to rely on. Our growing team is encouraged to live out our values everyday as we strive to better connect neighbors across the world. We thrive on creating a dynamic, inclusive environment that aims to support and appreciate employees as well as contribute to our award-winning company culture

To promote our values externally, we have fostered our own sense of community using Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs are employer-recognized workplace groups voluntarily led by employees. These groups allow employees with commonalities to meet, support each other, and produce a particular outcome that helps improve our business operations and job satisfaction. 

Get to know our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Nextdoor!

B@ND: B@ND is an Employee Resource Group at Nextdoor that strives to create a collaborative environment for Black employees to excel and contribute to the success of the organization. The goal of B@ND is to support Nextdoor in its effort to cultivate a diverse workforce. B@ND works closely with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the recruitment, advancement, and ongoing development of Black employees. 

Halal: Halal @ Nextdoor is the ERG focused on creating a welcoming and inclusive company culture for Muslim, Muslim-adjacent interfaith, and all employees who are interested in learning more. The mission is to ensure our culture welcomes employees of all cultures from all backgrounds. Some of the goals are centered on achieving a diverse recruitment and hiring processes,  supporting career growth and deepening relations across teams and cultures. The team also looks to engage Nextdoor in wider community conversations and initiatives supporting healthy tech culture.

Jew-Ish: Jew-ish is an affinity group for “very to vaguely” Jewish employees, aimed at cultivating connectivity and a celebration of their  faith and culture in a casual environment. The team has a Slack channel that is an open forum for ‘Shabbat Shalom’s’ and shares stories across the spectrum of denominations. 

KIND: Kindness & Inclusion @ Nextdoor (KIND)  is the original ERG at Nextdoor. Its mission has evolved over the years and today is focused on allyship and belonging for all Nextdoor employees. The group meets biweekly and hosts a variety of events from conversations focusing on anti-racism, leadership, and allyship to our monthly new employee welcome lunch. KIND is a great place for Nextdoor employees to learn how to become better allies and to create a welcoming environment for all.

MIND: Mental Health in Nextdoor (MIND) is an intersectional ERG focused on supporting employees to improve their mental health and well-being. Now more than ever it is important to focus on mental health. The ERG hosts meditation sessions, yoga, journaling, and other practices that have positive mental health outcomes. With the creation of MIND, the mental health and well-being of our employees will continue to be prioritized. 

Na@N: Namaste @ Nextdoor was formed because employees noticed they were heavily involved in their cultural communities growing up, but realized that it was tough to connect with their South Asian teammates, especially in a work-from-home environment. Namaste @ Nextdoor is an employee organization which helps employees of South Asian descent develop relationships with each other in and outside of the group and provides an environment for us to share the South Asian culture with fellow employees.

NDND: Neurodiversity @ Nextdoor (NDND) was created to provide a safe community for people who learn and think differently. The ERG’s goal is to remove roadblocks to Nextdoor employees doing their best work and to create a sense of belonging. Also, they want to create a place for people who struggle silently with these issues to share their experiences, feel heard, and discover solutions together.

Parenthood: The Parenthood ERG was formed to build an internal community of parents who learn from and lean on one another as they balance the demands of work and raising children of varying ages with varying home situations and sets of challenges. The ERG is available to support our neighbors on different stages of their parenting journey. From considering having kids to being parents of babies, toddlers, school age and older children. They  hold formal meetings with outside experts (workshops, webinars, talks) or simply discuss challenging situations amongst ourselves as topics arise. They use their  slack channel to seek advice, share stories and most importantly, to share adorable pics to bring it all back into perspective and keep things light.  Their motto is “we are all in this together and we ‘get it.’”

Rainbowhood: Rainbowhood is an affinity group for LGBTQ+ employees and allies aimed at cultivating connections, encouraging diverse hiring, prioritizing issues of gender & sexuality in the workplace, and advocating for the inclusiveness of LGBTQ+ neighbors on our platform. Their biweekly meetings focus on offering peer support to fellow LGBTQ+ employees, identifying ways to help educate the company on LGBTQ+ issues and history, in addition to hosting social events.

SEA: SEA aims to serve Nextdoor employees with East/Southeast Asian origins and fellow employees who are interested in East/Southeast Asian culture. They provide an open community to seek career development advice;  create a relaxing space for employees to comfortably share culture-related work and personal experience, and help bridge cultural gaps. SEA welcomes any East/Southeast Asian culture-related questions and discussions, and shares East/Southeast Asian culture with the broader Nextdoor neighborhood. 

Vecinos: Vecinos is a Latinx/Hispanic employee-led ERG to develop relationships internally and externally within the Nextdoor community. It provides a private forum for examination and discussion on contemporary issues within the Latinx/Hispanic community at Nextdoor. Vecinos also provides an environment to develop leadership skills, to recognize achievements, and to support as an internal “neighborhood.” Some activities include: LatinX Empowering Workshops, Volunteering efforts, Cooking Classes and more.

WIN: Women In the Neighborhood (WIN) is an Employee Resource Group that strives to build a community that supports women and gender minorities at Nextdoor. They facilitate meaningful conversations and offer a safe space to speak on our lived experiences while embracing new opportunities to enrich a sense of community, connection, and camaraderie between women at Nextdoor. WIN mentors and advocates for members as they work together to advance each other both in and outside of the workplace.

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