Meet Nextdoor’s Values Award Winners for Q2 2023!

Written by Nicole Atkins

At Nextdoor, we have a cherished, biannual tradition of recognizing and honoring individuals who embody our core values. This highly-anticipated event has become a cornerstone of our company culture. Our six values guide how we work together as well as embody our employees’ commitment to our purpose. This tradition was initiated in 2020, and it continues to celebrate the unwavering commitment and dedication of our employees in driving Nextdoor’s remarkable growth.

To commemorate the achievement of each award winner, we send personalized postcards to each recipient, containing the nominations they received from their colleagues. The grand reveal takes place during our company-wide All Hands event, adding to the excitement and sense of unity among our team members. 

During this company-wide event, each Values Award winner is showered with praise by their team leaders, highlighting how they truly embody the value for which they were chosen. The online comments come alive with a flurry of celebratory messages and emojis from colleagues across the organization, expressing their heartfelt congratulations and admiration for the winners. Additionally, as a way to celebrate each individual who was nominated across the company, our team sends out postcards with the nomination written by their teammates. 

Every Values Award ceremony serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible work performed by our employees in their pursuit to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on. All of our winners past and present have their names featured on our Values Award wall at our Nextdoor HQ in San Francisco. 

Let’s get to know our Q2 2023 winners!

Earn Trust Every Day

Winner: Flora Hsu – Product Operations Manager

“Flora goes above and beyond her job scope. This is why so many teams want to work with her- from partnerships, to finance, to counsel. She takes time out of her day-to-day to help other teams do their jobs, and completes all of her work with integrity and without cutting any corners- earning the trust of everyone she works with and being a great representative of the company as a whole.”

Invest in Community

Winner: Steffany Lee – Public Agency Partnerships Manager

“Steffany drove the creation of the Volunteers @ Nextdoor (V@N) affinity group, from coming up with the concept to presenting the idea at meetings she set up with all of the folks needed to get us buy-in, finding co-leads, generating designs for the shirts, and coordinating our initial volunteer event with Glide. I’m excited to see how we can continue to serve our global communities under her tireless leadership.”

Customer Obsessed

Winner: Bobby Wagner – Machine Learning Engineer

“Bobby works around the clock to support all machine learning engineers around him, no matter the time of day. Bobby’s support is omnipresent in Slack with several thousands (almost 7,000!) messages in barely 11 months of tenure. His sense of ownership is further exemplified in his incessant push to remove obstacles during numerous modeling deployments.”

Think Big

Winner: Leigh Shapiro – Product Manager

“Leigh embodies the Think Big value since the first day she joined Nextdoor. She led several new product developments that delivered delight and great experiences for our neighbors by understanding the behavior we observe in our platform and matching that with features, like reunited posts, more recently recognizing and incentivizing neighbors to create great content with awards and the work she has been championing with ChatGPT integrated into our post creation flow.”

Experiment and Learn Quickly

Winner: Emily Buschini – Email Marketer

“Emily joined Nextdoor in March 2022 and made an immediate impact. Within just a few weeks, she was launching complex lifecycle journeys in support of the Nextdoor Ads Center Lite launch. Not only a fantastic teammate, she’s a compassionate partner to stakeholders, and a natural problem solver that never shies away from a challenge. Currently you can find her driving initiatives protecting our SMB revenue and tirelessly working to ensure our lifecycle and marketing technology infrastructure is strong.”

Act Like An Owner

Winner: Shane Butler – Data Scientist

“Shane’s performance as a data scientist at Nextdoor is nothing short of extraordinary. His expertise in the domain is truly exceptional, enabling him to tackle complex challenges effortlessly. However, what truly sets Shane apart is his unwavering availability and responsiveness when it comes to meeting critical business demands. Shane’s proactive dedication and unwavering commitment to tasks such as daily analysis, managing severities, and envisioning future visions for key business metrics significantly contribute to our organization’s success. Whether it involves promptly addressing urgent requests or providing valuable support on multiple critical projects simultaneously, Shane is someone we can always rely on and trust.”

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